Brandon Invergo


Some personal projects written over the years [primary language(s) in parentheses]:

  • BioSRC: A Ports-like system for easily installing bioinformatics software [Make]
  • Grotesque: A library manager for interactive fiction [Python]
  • guile-file-names: A file-name abstraction module for Guile [Scheme]
  • Idioma: A bare-bones language training application [Python]
  • Librekontrol: A fully programmable music-controller editor [C, Scheme]
  • m4-bloggery: A static website generator [Make, M4]
  • molnet-recon: A suite of tools for reconstructing molecular networks from quantitative data [C]
  • motif-kit: A suite of tools for calculating position-specific scoring matrices for biological sequence motif analysisq
  • pacnanny: A wrapper for Arch Linux’s pacman package manager that enforces good discipline [Bash]
  • paperq: A tool for managing a reading queue of academic/scientific papers [Bash, C]
  • pyifbabel: A Python implementation of the Treaty of Babel for interactive fiction [Python]
  • seqmi: A tool to quickly calculate mutual information between columns in a sequence alignment [C]
  • tp-helix-orientation-lock: A small daemon program to support screen-orientation locking on the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2nd Gen 2-in-1 laptop/tablet in GNOME [C]
  • zeptodb: Tiny tools for manipulating DBM (flat, non-relational) databases [C]

Other projects to which I’ve contributed: