Brandon Invergo

Auto-inserting usernames and passwords from gnu-pw-mgr in Conkeror

For anyone out there who’s using Conkeror as their main browser, I’ve written some functions to easily insert usernames and passwords from gnu-pw-mgr into login forms. If you’re not familiar with Conkeror, it’s an XULRunner-based browser (like Firefox), that’s modeled after Emacs, albeit implemented in javascript rather than lisp. Unfortunately, my experience with javascript is limited to, well, these functions, so perhaps they can be improved a bit. Anyway, they work for me.

To use them, either put the script in your .conkerorrc directory or, if .conkerorrc is a file, just copy the function definitions into it.

Everything is available on Gitorious.

Executive summary:

C-x ngnu-pw-mgr-get-userInsert a username in the current field.
C-x pgnu-pw-mgr-get-passInsert a password in the current field.
C-x Pgnu-pw-mgr-get-user-passInsert a username in the current field, advance to the next field, and then insert the corresponding password.

When you run them, you’ll be prompted to enter a password ID. Of course, you need to run these commands when the appropriate form field is focused. By default the password associated with the most recent seed is used. To select a different seed, prefix the command with the universal argument: e.g., to use the first seed, do C-u 1 C-x p.

Be warned that Paypal and presumably other sites are doing some asinine thing with javascript so that the password field only hides the input when entered via the keyboard; thus, using the above functions results in your password being visible, which is annoying. Anyway, a 20-character gnu-pw-mgr-derived password that’s only visible momentarily probably won’t be remembered by prying eyes. But if anyone finds a way around it, I’d be happy to hear it.