Brandon Invergo

Release of zeptodb 2.0.2

I’m pleased to announce the release of zeptodb 2.0.2. This is a bugfix release. Several memory bugs were fixed and you should now be able to build the package successfully in Mac OS X. Also, I am now building all packages using GNU swbis (see below for more information; I’ll probably write separate a post about that in general too).

edit: I just uploaded a minor update to version 2.0.2b. Only the documentation was modified.

You can download zeptodb here.

Thanks to swbis, the usual source distribution, zeptodb-2.0.2.tar.gz, now also contains checksums (md5, sha1 and sha512) as well as a GPG signature. You can thus verify the authenticity of the package using swverify from the swbis package:

$ swverify -d @- <zeptodb-2.0.2.tar.gz
swverify: Archive digest: md5 OK (Good)
swverify: Archive digest: sha1 OK (Good)
swverify: Archive size: OK (Good)
swverify: Archive digest: sha512 OK (Good)
gpg: Signature made Sun 17 Nov 2013 03:16:57 PM CET using RSA key ID EB7AB74D
gpg: Good signature from "Brandon Invergo (GNU) <>"
gpg:                 aka "Brandon Invergo <>"
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
Primary key fingerprint: E675 19DB 1E30 6FA8 266D  08BA 046E DEE6 EB7A B74D

In the swbis subdirectory, I also provide two packages that are compliant with the POSIX packaging standard that swbis implements, one is a source distribution (zeptodb-2.0.2-src.sw.tar.gz) and the other is a binary (x86_64 GNU/Linux) distribution (zeptodb-2.0.2-x86_64.sw.tar.gz). Both can be installed via the swbis tool swinstall. The source distribution is automatically configured and built after it is installed with swinstall. The built binaries can then be installed via the swconfig tool:

$ swinstall -s :zeptodb-2.0.2-src.sw.tar.gz @/usr/local
[configure and make build output]
$ swconfig zeptodb @/usr/local
[make install output]

The x86_64 binary distribution will require up-to-date GNU libc (2.18) and GDBM (1.10) libraries. The binaries will be installed in the proper places at the prefix of your choice when you run swinstall. For example, to install to /usr/local:

$ swinstall -s :zeptodb-2.0.2-x86_64.sw.tar.gz @/usr/local

Why do this? It’s unfeasible for me to provide packages for all the different packaging systems out there. If I’m only going to provide one, it had better be standards-compliant. It should be relatively simple to convert the swbis packages to some other format. OK, so I may be the only person in the world other than the swbis developer who is using this system, but it’s to be hoped that others will join in. At the very least, building standard source distributions with swbis is handy for including in-line all the checksums and signatures right into the package.