Brandon Invergo

Release of GSRC 2013.04.06

I’m happy to announce the 2013.04.06 release of GSRC, the GNU Source Release Collection. GSRC is a convenient means to fetch, build and install the latest GNU software from source via a BSD Ports-like system. Installing a package is as simple as

$ make -C gnu/hello install

You can find more information and the documentation at the GSRC website: []

This release is a snapshot of the state of released GNU software at this time. You can download this release at or, to download it from the nearest mirror, at

Of course, to stay up-to-date with the latest package releases in-between releases of GSRC, you may choose instead to checkout the bzr repository:

$ bzr checkout bzr:// gsrc

And keep up-to-date with the latest releases:

$ bzr update

If you encounter any problems with a build script, please let me know at


  • Changes to the GSRC system

    • GSRC features longer package descriptions for all GNU packages. GSRC is now perhaps the best means of learning about the wide variety of software provided by GNU thanks to the new long package descriptions. These are viewable via the "pkg-info" Make target.

    • GSRC provides a searchable package database in recfile format. In addition to the "gsrc" script, you can now search the packages via the MANIFEST.rec file with GNU Recutils. If you have downloaded GSRC via its source archive, this file should be included. If you have cloned the GSRC source repository, you can build it with the "manifest" Make target.

    • 3rd party dependencies are no longer provided. GSRC is not a full source distribution. Thus, all non-GNU packages have been removed. Instead, GSRC will print a message when an external package is required but not present on the user’s system.

    • Trying to build a broken packages now prints a warning first. Unfortunately, not all GNU packages build correctly at present. To acknowledge the known build failures, GSRC will print a message and ask for confirmation before attempting to build such a package. This also indicates that the GSRC maintainer is already aware of the problem.

  • Changes in GSRC packages

    • 23 packages have been added to GSRC since the last release.

    • 81 packages have been updated since the last release.

    • 5 builds that were previously broken have been fixed.

    • Coverage statistics (Note: the totals include packages that will not be implemented in GSRC, such as retired packages, which are counted as completed. Broken builds are counted as incomplete. Some packages have not yet made any releases, which are also counted as incomplete. See the TODO file for more information.)

      * GNU packages [395/457] [86%] (+9%)
      * GNOME packages [25/566] [4%] (+0%)
      * GNUstep packages [19/25] [76%] (+0%)