Brandon Invergo

Introducing m4-bloggery

I’ve finally gotten around to setting up a clean repository with the new system I’m using to generate this site. It’s called m4-bloggery and it is available on Gitorious. m4-bloggery is in fact a fork of another project called m4-bakery. Admittedly, most of the hard work was already done in that project. m4-bloggery adds some new features to support a blog-like format, namely a dynamically generated news/blog index and an Atom XML feed.

The key feature of this system is that, unlike most static site generators out there these days, it only depends on tools found by default on all GNU/Linux systems: GNU Make, M4, and find (from Findutils). No heavy Ruby or Python dependencies here! The only "exotic" dependency is optional, and that is a command-line tool to convert from Markdown to HTML.

Pages and news posts are created in a simple format and are automatically merged into your HTML templates. Since it’s all plain text, you can edit your files offline in whatever text editor you want. Once you’re finished, you’re a quick make all deploy away from having your site online.

I don’t expect that many people, if anyone, would be interested in using this system but if you are, I hope you find it to be useful!