Brandon Invergo

pyifbabel 0.2.3 released

After a long time of much inactivity, I’m happy to announce the release of pyifbabel 0.2.3. pyifbabel is a developer library implementing the Treaty of Babel for extracting metadata from interactive fiction story files. This release is not an interesting one, in terms of new features. However, it consists of a lot of bug fixes that have accumulated since the last release, particularly in the IFiction file handling code. Therefore, if you use the library it is highly recommended to update to the latest version.

pyifbabel forms the foundation of the next release of Grotesque (yes, it’s still in the works). Already, the development version of Grotesque which uses pyifbabel is much more successful at extracting metadata from story files than the previous version of Grotesque does on its own. That said, don’t bother trying out the development version of Grotesque since it’s highly broken in other ways!

You can download pyifbabel 0.2.3 here or you can install it using pip with pip install pyifbabel.