Brandon Invergo

Release of GSRC 2012.09.06

I’m about 6 days late in posting this to my own blog:

I’m happy to announce the 2012.09.06 release of GSRC, the GNU Source Release Collection. GSRC is a convenient means to fetch, build and install the latest GNU software from source via a BSD Ports-like system.

Installing a package is as simple as

$ make -C gnu/hello install 

You can find more information and the documentation at the GSRC website.

This release is a snapshot of what is really a rolling process. The current snapshot has build scripts for 271 packages but new packages are added and old packages are updated frequently. You can download this release at or, to download it from the nearest mirror,

Of course, to stay up to date in between releases of GSRC, you may choose instead to checkout the bzr repository:

$ bzr checkout bzr:// gsrc

And keep up-to-date with the latest releases:

$ bzr update

If you encounter any problems with a build script, please let me know at