Brandon Invergo

Appointed as the new maintainer for GNU GSRC

I’m very excited to have been appointed as the maintainer of GNU GSRC. GSRC is a system for downloading and installing the latest GNU software from source. It’s similar to BSD Ports due to being based on GAR and GARStow. I took on this job because the project covers a large portion of the functionality for a GNU/Linux distribution I’ve been thinking about which would form the underlying basis of the Coredesktop idea that’s been floating around in my head. Not to mention, I felt like volunteering some of my time to the GNU project. I think GSRC is a great system, which really exploits the advantages of GNU Make for taking care of dependencies and such (as opposed to other Ports-inspired systems which choose to reimplement even this basic functionality). GSRC has been left unmaintained for a little while, but once it gets brought up to date, I’d like to start exploring the possibility of founding a super-hackable distro based on it.