Brandon Invergo

Thing of the Month: pyIFBabel 0.1

[Edit: nevermind, I’m no longer pursuing this Thing of the Month idea.]

April’s Thing of the Month is the first beta release of pyIFBabel, which is a Python module implementing the Treaty of Babel. The Treaty of Babel is an agreement between the developers of several different interactive fiction (aka "text adventure"; IF) authoring tools in order to provide a standardized way of identifying IF story files, as well as how to handle metadata and cover art stored in wrapper files. The official Treaty page features a C API as well as a commandline tool written in C. On the other hand, I inherited the Grotesque project with a partially complete API written in pure Python. I’ve worked hard to complete that API to support all of the story formats covered by the Treaty and to make it on par with the official C implementation. This first release represents that goal being mostly reached and ready for testing and use by other developers (this really is for a niche of a niche: developers of software utilities for interactive fiction). There’s still more work to be done and a few more features to implement but I think it’s at a good state to release to the world ("Release early, release often.")