Brandon Invergo

Pop Quiz

Fill in the blanks:

The justification for war that seemed most compelling was that ______ was on its way to building a nuclear bomb, but the evidence for this was very weak. Before the crisis over ______, Western intelligence sources had estimated it would take ______ three to ten years to build a nuclear weapon. Even if ______ could build a bomb in a year or two, which was the most pessimistic estimate, it had no delivery system to send it anywhere. Besides, Israel already had nuclear weapons. And the United States had perhaps 30,000 of them. The ______ administration was trying hard to develop a paranoia in the nation about an ______ bomb which did not yet exist.

  • a) Iraq / Kuwait / Iraq / Iraq / [George H. W.] Bush / Iraqi
  • b) Iraq / 9/11 / Iraq / Iraq / [George W.] Bush / Iraqi
  • c) Iran / Israel / Iran / Iran / Obama / Iranian

The correct answer is a, with the quote taken from Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States: 1492 - Present. It’s so frustrating to see history repeat itself.