Brandon Invergo

So long

I’ve decided that I’ve finally had enough of social networking. The privacy issues have been written about countless times by people far more eloquent and informed than me, so I won’t go into them. Beyond those, the biggest problem remaining was that social networking is a huge time sink for me. Granted, a lack of friends using Diaspora and guaranteed that I never spent much time on either service. Since quitting Facebook back in October, though, my time spent on Twitter skyrocketed. Looking at it, though, I realize I wasn’t actually getting much out of it other than a means to kill time. Furthermore, analyzing my own posts, I realized I wasn’t contributing anything either. If there’s anything worth saying, it will be worth saying long-form here on this blog.

As for anyone who depended on social networking to keep up with my life and stay in contact with me, I recommend subscribing to this site’s RSS feed for news in my life and using good, old email to reach me.

If a more sane, restrained form of social networking emerges, which allows me to be better in contact with my closest friends, then I may consider using it, but until then, the firehose form of social networking offered by current services just won’t cut it.