Brandon Invergo

Shiny new site

Hey look, I made a new site. A couple things prompted the change. The old site was built using Joomla, which I guess I like in general but it was complete overkill for my needs. Another problem is that I decided that, while no server is completely secure, the fewer entrances there are, the fewer chances for exploitation exist. Joomla is, in the end, pretty complicated, with log-ins, forms, etc. Furthermore, from a laziness perspective, updating the is far too involved for just a little blog site that I rarely change. So I think my outdated Joomla set-up was just not worth maintaining anymore.

Of course, I hate designing anything in HTML, so that was out of the question. Enter Octopress, which lets me write posts in the editor of my choice (no more unreliable web-based WYSIWYG…only vim from now on) using Markdown and then converts them to HTML for me. Those are just one rsync away from being live online. It feels so much cleaner and simpler than Joomla or Drupal and is really exactly what I was looking for. Security-wise (not that I’m really a juicy target or anything), there are just whatever typical security holes might exist on my server itself via SSH, FTP, etc, which are out of my control.

Oh, I decided not to carry over any of my old blog posts. Fresh start!